The Traveling Life

We have been traveling on the road for the last 6 months. Read lots of sites beforehand, but it really never prepared me for what it would be like. Sold everything up and left with no plan of where we were going or when we would get there. I have never been a very organised person and always have traveled on the spur of the moment, but now having a family to care for it was totally different than what I had expected…….perhaps I should have not expected anything at all. I have finally after 6months understand the fullness that my caravan is our home and through study of Gods word my heart is softening and begining to enjoy the using what we have and seeing the happiness we have had in the last 6months as oppose to the so called burdens which ever so attacked my mind.

Alot of the bogs I have read and still read are just as effective and guiding living on the road as they were while we were living in a house. We have now decided that in approx a year or two we will upgrade to a bus and live permanently on the road.

So this is where we began…….I strongly felt the calling to buy a caravan, which I thought was for when the economy collapses then my family would always have a roof over their head no matter where we would be……I felt this as I was focusing on having a veggie garden, chickens and living on a farm, but that was not to be for us at that time. Hubby on the other hand had a very strong calling to travel, share the word and bring people to God….WOW that kind of rocked my thought process. I didnt believe that was what we were supposed to do, as i still had my focus on veggie garden and chooks…..hahahaha. Anyway, we began the gumtree search for a caravan around our area, we searched, we searched, declared this one was our, that one was ours, but none of them were. Until we came accross one that had 12months rego on it and looked really neat and clean, we liked it, prayed over it and emailed the lady with our offer….hense we got a message back within the hour accepting our offer…..WOOOOHOOOO……Hubby rang the lady and she told us which she had forgotted to add in the description that it came with a full annex……DOUBLE WOOOOHOOO JUMPING UP AND DOWN WITH EXCITMENT LITTERALY! So 2 days later we drove 4hours to go pick it up, it had everything we were praying for plus more….woooohooo…..above and beyond. The couple who were selling it were selling it because their children wouldn’t sleep in the annex, so they were looking for a bigger van with more bedding. The man ended up recognising my husbands face from the boxing tents back in their hayday…….small world, so we chatted with them for a while and left with our home on wheels. A 16foot Windsor, with big sliding windows, blinds, sleeps 4, full annex, anderson plug, battery cords to go solar, copious storage space, a full annex, gas bottle and to mention again 12months rego with road worthy certificate…….BLESSING BLESSING BLESSING. Though my doubt was still eating away at me, I had met & befriended a lovely couple who have been travelling the road in their 16foot caravan for 2years and sharing some amazing advise to us, I had become aware of new policy changes intended for income which would make living even harder, God just provided us with the caravan that had been adverstised for 2weeks and no-one had made a sucessfull offer before us and STILL I doubted my God 😦 😦 . When we got the van back to the house we began living in it and slowely taking things in that we used everyday. Then we thought after owning the van for 2weeks that we should take it for a test run. So we took it to a local free camp area where you can stay for a month (we were only there 4days) and oh my gosh, the peace came. For the first time in ages I felt relaxed, like totally relaxed and at peace……now I am not saying that living in a house is not peacefull or relaxing, neither am I saying that only living in the caravan is all peace and relaxing, as both lifestyles have their ups and downs and people live different ways and what works for one may not work for the other. Oh my gosh the most totally funny thing is I got to try roasting pork in my baby weber……..HAHAHAHAHA….how funny that was, I didnt measure the pork before I bought it to make sure it would even fit in the weber, so the lid was sitting on top of the crackling which ended up being soft crackling, we had to take the walls down of the annex cause it smoked the whole annex out….hahahahaha…..the best bit about that was I gave fellow campers a pretty good chuckle 🙂 🙂

Well that was the begining. I will try to get on here regulary to post more. Thankyou for reading and have a fabulous day xx